Saturday, August 22, 2009

PPS RACING: World Championships

Here's the report from Worlds 2009:

Lacking the firepower of Jason "Racer X" Mitchell and Greg "Hell" Fadell, it was up to Young Guns Joe McLaren and Martin Reaves to hold it down for team PPS at the World Championships of slaom in Hood River, Oregon. The 85 second GS was a real leg burner, but Reaves put the hammer down and became the World Champion of Giant Slalom, with Pappas nipping at his heals all day.

Martin Reaves weaves into 2nd

Back in downtown Hood River, McLaren and Reaves plowed through the brackets, until finally meeting in the consolation. Joe Mac turned it on and took fellow Coloradan Martin Reaves out. And McLaren didn't stop there. In the following day's tight slalom, Joe showed his dominance again by advancing all the way through to the finals, where he met George Pappas. Although Joe was leaving flaming urethane tracks behind him all day, Pappas skated like a bat out of hell and narrowly beat Joe out of the gold medal. Martin Reaves took 2nd place overall, and Joe McLaren 3rd or 4th place