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A random French fan of Julie's, named Julian Surdeau, made this video.

JASON MITCHELL- Colorado Skate School
Four time World Champion Slalom Skater Jason "Racer X" Mitchell has launched his Colorado Skate School. He offers Private & Semi-Private lessons as well as Skatepark Tours, information on setting up your deck and fine tuning it's performance and an extensive knowledge of all things skateboarding. Jason has been skating pools, parks, ditches, ramps & slalom for 3 decades and offers his experience to help the youth of Colorado become proficient skateboarders and to pass the love of skateboarding on to future generations of rippers.
For more info check out his website-

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ONE WAY WEEKEND: Griswolds Pool Party

For years Arizona has been known for having some good shit to skate. Brian Brannon and the JFA guys used to session giant full pipes under the Salt River Project and due to the climate and the ever expanding urban sprawl a multitude of empty swimming pools are always skateable. With ditches, spillways and skate parks that don't threaten helmet tickets there is always something good to skate. Eric Gilbert has been hassling me to go back out to Phoenix since the last time we went out there. When I got a call from Cressy that she was going to have another pool party in her backyard out in Arizona I figured it would be as good a time as any. Eric and I met up with Shane Porter on the way to Riverside to pick up Matt Miskell.

Our drinking team has a skateboarding problem

Hit up a rest stop that had some stuff to skate. I tried taking a couple photos, but my camera sucks and I missed the shots. Even in the middle of the desert we got kicked out of the spot.

Good thing my camera caught this shot of Matt scarring a chihuahua

Pedro shut down the session with threats of police.

On the road again

Got back on the road and drove the rest of the way. Made it in time to meet up with my friends Sean and Aaron and skate a session at the Tempe skate park before heading over to the PV for $4 pitchers and some rounds of pool.

Censored to protect the guilty

Sean & Aaron have gone though 4 apartments since I was out there last year.

The next day was the pool party in the backyard of Cressy, Heidi & Jimmy the Greeks house. They had kegs all day and after a couple DJ switch ups the music was jamming. People began to show up and the session started to get going in the pool. After a few hours of skating, eating burgers and drinking they started the "contest". Matt Miskell took the first $20 bucks for being the first to go over the death box. The way it worked was, a trick would be called and the first to do whatever was called out would get some cash. The more difficult the trick the better the pay out. Pretty good for a contest. I walked away with some cash myself for a grind over the shallow end plug and a few other things. Matt Miskell got some for the death box grind, a backside smith and a couple others I cant recollect. Tyler Mumma showed up and killed it with reverts everywhere, but whats new? Jimmy skated the pool like he lived there. Jeff from Missouri snatched a bunch of cash by doing a good portion of the tricks that got called out. Cressy skated in full Griswold get up. Heidi decided who got cash and AZPX's Lob Rocker called the tricks out on the mic. Eric Gilbert took full advantage of the kegs. He ended up taking a "nap" in a chair and somehow a Hitler mustache got tagged on him while he was out of it. He didn't know it and hung out the rest of the night looking like he ran the Third Reich. Cressy and everyone threw a good party and the raffle and auction raised some money for a good cause.

Backyard setup

$46 & some brews. Pic:Hammeke

The Greek

DJ Horsepussy

A raffle winner


Eric didn't know why he kept getting weird looks

Heidi & Lob Rocker

Jeff from Missouri

Lee Bender

From Cressy's we headed to another party back over in Tempe. After the pool party this place was a little too boring so someone threw some fireworks into the fire and we split. Eric broke the cardinal rule and passed out with his shoes on. So we added our own spin to the stuff already drawn on his face. When we all finally woke up in the morning Eric had already gotten up and had gone out somewhere. When he came back he still didn't know he had a swastika & mustache drawn on him and the words "Ass Fuck Me" scrawled across his forehead. We piled our shit into the car and hit up one more session at a local park before hitting the road and hauling back to Long Beach. It was another good weekend of skateboarding and having fun with friends. Thanks to everyone for letting us sleep on your floor, skate your pool, drink your beer and party at your houses.

Rough night

Now Eric knows why the Mexican guy at Circle K was mad dogging him.

Hit the road

Drive all night

Yeah, so I know there wasn't many skate photos, but at least we made a video.

You can watch and download more video free here
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Nick Parenti is from Texas, but this kid is always hitting the road and hitting pools, ditches & parks from Texas & Arizona to Washington & Oregon.

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LEE RALPH: Brothers Art Show

Decmeber 17th, 2008 New Zealand

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ONE WAY WEEKEND: San Jose with Christian Hosoi

Went up to San Jose to skate with Hosoi.
Skated some pools, parks and ramps on the way up
with Tom Knox and Steve Caballero.
Check out the pics, video and article


Download the Video- CLICK HERE
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Friday, November 28, 2008

NICK PARENTI- Rock the Cradle for Johnny Ramano

Highest Cradle Carve- Nick Parenti

1. Nick Parenti 8.5ft carve $1000
2. Lance Childers 7ft carve $800
3. Ben Johnson 6.5ft carve $600
4. Rune Glifberg 6ft carve $500


New video of Nick coming out next week

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Hamrock, Miskell and a couple other riders went out to AZ
for the Griswold Pool Party Jam.
We will have an article with pictures & video coming soon.
Until then here's some random web coverage of Hamrock from Thrasher and

Second order was to grind over the plug into the shallow. This one got heated and took awhile. Hamrock got it and got, headphones, wheels forty bucks and a beer

Monday, November 17, 2008


A Toshwork Orange


Hamrock- Smith Off

Banned from the park

for more photo's check out Concrete Disciples' Article
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