Saturday, August 22, 2009

PPS RACING- National's

Reporting in after the Nationals here in Colorado. I had consistent results with a 2nd in hybrid, 4th in tight, and 3rd in GS. Pappas and I got the same amount of points, so we are sharing the title as 2009 US National Champion. It was very tight racing--Mitchell beat me by less than 1/10th of a second in BOTH the hybrid and tight. The new deck you sent me is working really well. The wider nose allows me to get a slightly wider stance, which is working well. The way it's set up, I'm getting much more power than my other rigs. This new board was used in the hybrid and GS, and did great in both.

I'll give you an update after Worlds this coming weekend. Thanks!

HS: 1. mitchell 2. reaves 3. mc laren
TS: 1. pappas laren 3. mitchell
GS: 1. pappas 2. maytam 3. reaves