Saturday, August 22, 2009

PPS RACING: Czech Republic

Just got back from the Czech Republic today, where I did two slalom races. August 1st and 2nd was the European team contest in Hradec Kralove, in which i finished first in the GS. Local Joseph Stefka edged me out in the tight slalom finals. The race got a nice segment on one of the Czech Republic's four TV stations.

Then last weekend was the Euro championship in Policka. Again a 1st place in the GS for myself, with Swedes Bjornstein and Hadestrand making the podium, and Dominick Kawalski in 4th. The famed town square "fountain slalom" went down the next day, and Kawalski threw down a blistering final run to take the win. Janis Kuzmins of Latvia finished second, with yours truly--the sole Amreican competing in Policka--earning the bronze.

Janis won the hybrid with Hadestrand in second, and Kawalski in third the same day. Sunday was the tight slalom, where, after some heated disputes about timing and disqualifications, Janis proved lightning can strike twice by taking the win. Viking Hadestrand and Fabian Bjornstein of Sweden took second and third, respectively, with myself finishing 4th. This left Kuzmins and Kawalski tied for 1st place overal, Bjornstein 3rd, and myself 4th.