Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Geoff Rowley Model Now Available!

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Geoff Rowley is one of the most influential skaters of his time. Thrasher Skater of the year in 2000, Geoff has been skating hard for over two decades. Geoff's been on Flip since the beginning, and this is the first model he's ever done outside of Flip. This limited edition of only 200, hand signed and numbered by Geoff, is a must have board for any Rowley fan!

Geoff Rowley,Flip,Flip Skateboards,Volcom,Vans,Independent,PPS,Pocket Pistols Skates,Pocket Pistols

Werd Life Art Show KCDC June 6, 2010

Werd Life,Geoff Rowley,PPS,Pocket Pistols Skates,Pocket Pistols

Monday, May 3, 2010

Peter Hewitt Collides into Duane Peters Combi Bowl Slam

Peter Meet Peters Word is Hewitt is still jacked from this, broken ribs or something. Hopefully Hewitt will be healed up and shredding soon.