Monday, February 27, 2012


Pedro's Down Under Domination continued with a Bondi 3 Peat! Taking yet another win after Bowl-A- Rama in Wellington NZ, Bowl-riders in Manly and then the Bondi Bowl Jam at Bondi Beach NSW Australia. That is 3 comps this month and back to back to back wins defending his crown at the Bondi Bowl Jam. The competition was fierce as Bucky Lasek came 2nd, Rune Glifberg 3rd, and Nathan "Jimi" Beck taking a close 4th. kalani ripped, but just missed the finals by half a point and ended up 9th. Jimi had big airs, sick nose grinds through the corner, tailgrab and frontside 540's just missing the podium. Rune was on with his smooth clean precise style floating lofty airs well above head high. Bucky had a huge bag of tricks mixing it up on the lip and in the air, but Pedro had the juice with his massive power lines, blasting upside down 540's indy, stale and melon, getting screams from the crowd and the judges.


Pedro Stale 5 Bondi


Nathan "Jimi" Beck Bondi Lien


Kalani Bondi


Pedro Bondi Kickflip Indy

Pedro Bondi Podium

1. Pedro Barros – $16,000
2. Bucky Lasek – $9,000
3. Rune Glifberg – $5,000
4. Nathan Beck – $3,000
5. Nolan Munroe – $2,300
6. Joshua Rodriguez – $2,000
7. Steve Pineiro – $1,700
8. Jack Fardell – $1,600
9. Kalani David – $1,500
10. Juergen Horrwarth- $1,400

1. Steve Caballero – $5,800
2. Nicky Guerrero – $3,000
3. Mik Mulhall – $2,000
4. Rob “Sluggo” Boyce – $1,800
5. Sergie Ventura – $1,500
6. Eddie Elguera – $1,400
7. Adam Luxford – $1,300
8. Pat Ngoho – $1,200
9. Sean Goff – $1,100
10. Lester Kasai – $1,100

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pedro Takes the first ever Manly Beach Bowl contest in Australia

Pedro is continuing to destroy everything in his path and sweeping the first 2 of 3 events down under. Pedro dominated the Beach Bowl from start to finish with his full speed power attack! Next up Bondi Bowl-A-Rama!

Pedro Blasting his way to 1st


Big Indy 540


Finals Vid

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Congratulations Pedro Barros taking home 3 peat victory at the Wellington Bowl-A-Rama 2012!

For the 3rd year in a row Pedro has won the Wellington Bowl-A-Rama! This year Kalani David made the trip and landed on the podium in 3rd! Congrats Pedro & Kalani! Next stop Manly Beach Bowl!

213 Kevin, Pedro, Kalani

Wellington Podium

Pedro Blasting

Pedro Wellington

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