Friday, October 26, 2007


On the 20th of October, 2007, the Harvest Gnarfest skate battle went down at the Northwest Washington a barn that, for part of each year, is filled to the max with pigs.
Cops? nope...actual snorty-snout swine.

So many highschool-age kids showed up, that we had to break the mid-teens up into multiple categories.
Once we got that stuff figured out, the gnar ensued.

James Ure (the guy who took 1st in the 18&up category) was blasting HUGE ally-oop kickflips to fakie from the quarter to the bank.
Alex Vandergriend was tossing out lofty BS 180 melons & stales off the launch.
Brian Honcoop was bringing the usual, which for anybody else would be out-of-the-ordinary.

Dominic took first in the sponsored division and got some new Sabre Vision shades
and a new Pocket Pistols deck

Lastly, the Postma brothers were just SLAYING the course with flawless runs of tech-gnarliness.

Tyson Postma skated his entire final run switch...with all the insanity intact, except SWITCH!
Troy Postma won the best trick contest with f/s and b/s flips off a little kicker over 3 bails of hay.

Overall, it was rad times flowing in BBQ dogs, and beverages galore.
Thanks to all who participated, and the judges that showed no mercy.

Tyson Postma- 2nd Best Trick
Troy Postma- 1st Best Trick
Stven Seuen- 3rd Best Trick