Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pedro goes back to back with another win at Bondi Bowl A Rama!

Official Results: Vans Bowl-A-Rama 2011

Pedro is staring 2011 off just like 2010, with back to back Bowl A Rama victories in Wellington, and Bondi! The Bondi pro finals were insane, Rune was ripping, Bucky was ripping, but Pedro just Killed it! Thanks to all the riders, fans, sponsors, and hard-working Bowl-A-Rama staff who made this contest happen. Huge congratulations to Pedro Barros & Steve Caballero!


Pedro Barros,Pocket Pistols,Pocket Pistols Skates,Bowl A Rama,PPS,Indy,Lee Ralph,Wellington,Skateboarding,Bondi

1. Pedro Barros
2. Rune Glifberg
3. Bucky Lasek
4. Bob Burnquist
5. RJ Barbaro
6. Nolan Monroe
7. Renton Millar
8. Nathan Beck

1. Steve Caballero
2. Mick Mulhall
3. Lester Kasai
4. Nicky Guerrero
5. Sergie Ventura
6. Pat Ngoho
7. Sasha Steinhorst
8. Steve Alba

Best Trick
Bob Burnquist – Switch frontside heelflip frontside air

Pedro, Andre, And Bucky Chillin in Bondi

Pedro Barros,Lee Ralph,Pocket Pistols,Pocket Pistols Skates,PPS,skateboarding,Indy

Killer Clip from Thrasher

Lee Ralph and Pedro

Lee Ralph,Pedro Barros,PPS,Pocket Pistols,Pocket Pistols Skates

Parting shot of Lee from Wellington

Lee Ralph,PPS,Pocket Pistols,Pocket Pistols Skates,Bowl A Rama