Monday, December 20, 2010

Red Bull Skate Generations

This last week down in Brasil in RTMF country at Pedro Barros house, Red Bull through a killer contest combining three generations of skateboarders!

Andre and Pedro Barros, one of the coolest skate families there is RESPECT RTMF!
Andre N Pedro


1º - Léo Kakinho, Pedro Barros, Felipe Caltabiano "Foguinho"

2º - Steve Caballero, Allan Mesquita, Vi Kakinho

3º - Miguel Catarina, Omar Hassan, Gustavo Sorriso

4º - Marco Aurélio "Jeff", Sandro Dias, Ricardo Tossi

5º - Cristiano Mateus, Otavio Neto, Fernando Kawall

6º - Jeff Grosso, Marcelo Kosake, Allan Resende

Check the Videos

Warm Up Session

One last 540 Blast from Pedro!

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