Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rumble In Ramona, The Last Stand

The Rumble in Ramona was a full day of insane ripping from four decades of vert skaters. Ben Schroeder and Pedro Barros were killing the ramp all day along with Hosoi, Cab, Rune, Bucky, Sluggo, DIV, Buck Smith and a host of others. Here's a couple of sick video clips from the Last Stand!

From Marcos at Garden Groove Films

Ben 10 Schroeder Dive Bomb

Ben Schroeder,PPS,Pocket Pistols,Pocket Pistols Skates,Rumble in Ramona,Last Stand,Invert,Ben 10

Pedro Tailgrab

Pedro Barros,Rumble in Ramona,Last Stand,PPS,Pocket Pistols Skates,Pocket Pistols,Venice,Blasting,Indy,skateboarding

Here's a clip from Thrasher

Check the write up on the Last Stand at Concrete Disciples