Wednesday, October 8, 2008


A few weeks back we hit the road to just go skate
and make our way up to the Tim Brauch contest.
Got together a crew of Hamrock, Matt Miskell,
Shane Porter and Hosoi Skates' Aaron Astorga.
On the way up we skated this Epic Spot
with some of the dudes from TWS & Bartie.

Spent the night in Salinas where the were some sketchy
women of ill repute that Shane had a run in with.
Skated Santa Cruz all day. Lurked through the city all night.
Shane met some more ladies.
Set up some new boards before we went to the contest in Scott's Valley

Shane took a couple of runs.
Matt gave Anthony Schultz a bad reputation.

We went and ate some killerHawaiianfood and were on the road again.

Check back next week for the video.

pics- Hamrock